Driveway Gates Made from Iron & Steel

Secure your property with a beautiful, durable galvanized steel gate. From Dual Swing Driveway Gates to Automated Gate kits, shop with ALEKO to find the right wrought iron style driveway gate for you and the security of your home.

Choose ALEKO for Your Driveway Gate

The cornerstone of the ALEKO product line, our powder-coated, galvanized steel gates are hand-crafted using centuries-old iron-working techniques. As a result, our rust and weather-resistant slide gates and swing gates are attractive, easy to install, and extremely durable. Discover a solution for your property that provides security and will look fantastic and function flawlessly for decades with ALEKO's electric gates. Choose among the available wrought iron gate design options for that elegant curb appeal. 

How To Install Gates

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a DIY kit or fitting your new automatic gate into an existing fence gate or wall, you’ll find all of the material parts and related products you need for a successful installation with ALEKO. While the driveway gate installation process may vary depending upon several factors, you can always contact an ALEKO representative about your new iron gate install project and nail down all the details. From decorative gate design to gate durability, we're here to answer any questions you may have.

FAQ About Steel Gates

What are the benefits of a steel gate?

  • Aside from adding to your outdoor home decor, there is a wide range of benefits when it comes to steel gates. Whether it's secure your property from unwanted visitors or improve your home’s curb appeal and design, a driveway entry gate is a fantastic investment that can last for years to come. ALEKO’s galvanized, powder-coated steel gates are super strong, weather resistant, hand wrought, and available in a variety of designs to suit your style. Durability, strength, longevity, visual appeal, and support from our team of experts are just a few benefits of purchasing an ALEKO steel and wrought iron style gate. Curious about our automatic driveway gates? Contact our team today!

Will my ALEKO gate rust?

  • At ALEKO, we apply powder paint to our galvanized steel gates to improve corrosion resistance and protect them from the elements over time. Thanks to this Duplex System, your steel gate can resist a wide range of rust, corrosion, and weather-related damage. 

Can I install my gate on my own?

  • Yes, ALEKO DIY kits contain everything you need to install your steel gate on your own. From railings to panels, we've got all the material necessities you need for your steel gate. If you're looking to add swing gates, a driveway security gate, fencing, or other related products to your property, we can help with that too!

Can driveway gates be custom-designed?

  • Yes, ALEKO offers custom gate services. You can design a custom wrought iron gate that fits your style preferences and complements your property's aesthetic, whether that's simple double swing gates or an intricate wrought iron style electric driveway gate. Fill out our custom gate form here.

Do driveway gates add value to my home?

  • Yes, a well-installed and ornamental iron gate can increase your home's curb appeal, potentially adding to its resale value. By choosing the perfect wrought iron fencing style to match the walkway, you can make a strong positive impression on potential buyers. Choose from ALEKO's collection of wrought iron gates in different modern design options. The high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship makes these iron gates a popular choice among property owners. 

What is the best way to lock a driveway gate?

  • There are many ways to secure a gate, depending on your needs and the type of gate you have. For manual gates, padlocks and deadbolts can be effective. For automatic driveway gates, you can use electronic locks and access control systems, which allow you to control who can access your property. Explore our collection of gate locks to find the right solution for you.