Retractable Outdoor Awnings, Canopies, and Accessories for Patios and RVs

ALEKO’s selection of outdoor awnings for sale has everything you need to enjoy the shade without breaking the bank. Whether you need an RV awning or a motorized, retractable awning, we’ve got the products for you so that your outdoor space, porch, or motor home can provide constant protection and shade from the sun’s UV rays.

Choose ALEKO for Your Awnings

ALEKO’s awnings for sale and awning accessories are made from quality fabric, parts, and our materials , come in a wide range of models and styles, all competitively priced. From our polycarbonate door canopies to our luxury LED-lit porch awnings, we’ve built our wide selection of ALEKO shade products to last. Improve the curb appeal of your property and enjoy outdoor comfort even on the sunniest days with a beautiful, high quality awning from ALEKO. While each retractable patio awning and RV canopy we sell can be helpful with protection against the sun and its UV rays, our quality awning selections can also help protect customers from rain and wind, so that every outdoor living space can be used more often throughout the year.

How To Install Awnings

When you’re ready for shade, it’s best to get your awning installation right the first time around. Your ALEKO awnings come with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process with ease. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help—contact an ALEKO representative for customer service assistance.

FAQ About Awnings

What does an awning do?

  • An awning doesn’t just add curb appeal—it also protects every door, window, porch, and other outdoor spaces from the elements. You can use an awning to provide shade on your deck on sunny days or to shelter your front door from rain and snow. 

Are awnings worth it?

  • Awnings are a low-cost investment that will increase the value of your outdoor spaces and protect doors and windows from environmental damage. They are absolutely worth it, especially when you purchase competitively priced, quality-made awnings from ALEKO.

What is the best kind of awning?

  • The best kind of awning depends on how you’re using it. Some folks prefer retractable awnings, as they can fold away safely when you don’t need them (or during extreme weather events) and quickly crank back into position afterward.