Manual Retractable Awnings

Choose ALEKO for Your Manual Retractable Awnings

Transform your patio into a haven of comfort and relaxation with manual retractable awnings from ALEKO. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, lounging on the patio, or enjoying a shaded quiet afternoon from the sun, our awnings have you covered— literally. With the simple turn of a handle, you can effortlessly extend or retract the awning to give shade and protection when you need it. So that's less sweltering heat and a more enjoyable outdoor oasis. 

Our manual retractable awnings are crafted with high-quality materials that are built to last. The fabrics are both UV-resistant and breathable so you stay protected from the harsh UV rays while keeping a good airflow. During a light rain, the water-resistant fabric keeps you dry and comfortable. No need for electricity. Simply use the crank to easily open the awning. ALEKO is about affordability without compromising on quality so now you can turn your outdoor space into a retreat you'll love for years without breaking the bank.

How to Install Manual Retractable Awnings

Your ALEKO manual retractable awnings come with everything you need for a successful installation, including step-by-step instructions. While the assembly process may vary depending on your outdoor space and the surface you’re mounting it on, you can contact an ALEKO representative to talk through your individual installation process or check the product video of each item.

FAQ About Manual Retractable Awnings

How do I operate a manual retractable awning?

  • Manual retractable awnings are operated using a hand crank mechanism. Simply turn the crank to extend or retract the awning to your desired position. ALEKO has a huge collection of manual awnings so you can choose the best that suits your needs.

Can manual retractable awnings withstand harsh weather conditions?

  • Manual retractable awnings are designed to withstand moderate weather conditions such as light rain and wind. We still advise that you retract the awning during heavy rain, strong winds, or snow to prevent major damage. Inspect the awning hardware for signs of wear and tear, and lubricate moving parts when needed.

How long do manual retractable awnings last?

  • When properly maintained, manual retractable awnings from ALEKO can last decades. We also carry replacement fabric, rollers, front bars, and other assorted parts for your awnings so you can enjoy your awning for years to come.