Premium Home Saunas

From an indoor wet and dry sauna with LED infrared light options to outdoor barrel saunas with built-in front porch canopies, ALEKO has the perfect sauna to help you create the ultimate home luxury sauna experience. Our traditional saunas allow you to customize the best home sauna. Whether your sauna session is for health benefits like relieving sore muscles and joint pain, improving blood circulation, or if you’re simply looking for a quick sweat from the steam, your home steam room model options are endless.

Choose ALEKO for Your Home Sauna

All ALEKO home saunas and sauna accessories are quality-made and built to last at competitive prices. Whether you’re outfitting your master bath with a small indoor sauna with a ceramic heater or kitting out the backyard with a complete home outdoor sauna and wood-burning stove, we carry corrosion-resistant, premium-crafted saunas that will be perfect for your space—and your budget.

How To Install a Sauna

While the installation process for your home steam sauna will vary depending upon the sauna model you choose and the location of installation, each sauna kit from ALEKO includes everything you need for a successful setup in a matter of hours. To ensure that the heating element of your traditional sauna is properly installed and safe to operate, we recommend working with an electrician.

FAQ About Home Saunas

What are the benefits of a sauna?

  • Saunas may offer various health benefits like more restful sleep, improved blood flow, help with sore muscles, and stress reduction. There’s no denying that a session in the sauna feels incredible. It can also add value to your home or rental property.

How are saunas heated?

  • Saunas are typically dry heated with an electric heater. ALEKO’s selection of sauna heaters includes a variety of electric heaters as well as wood-burning stoves, so you can choose which energy source suits your space best. Don’t hesitate to contact an ALEKO representative for any heat-related questions.

Is it expensive to run and maintain a home steam room?

  • Not necessarily. Whether you’re operating an indoor sauna or an outdoor sauna, the energy costs of running a home unit will vary depending upon your location, model of sauna, and usage habits. With a wide variety of sauna models, heating element sources, and accessories, ALEKO makes it easy to tailor your home steam sauna to your budget.