Retractable RV Awnings for Your Camper or Trailer 

Your search for the perfect retractable RV awning is over—ALEKO’s selection of RV awnings has everything you need to equip your recreational vehicle with handy, versatile, built-in shade. Our retractable camper awning selection paired with your RV accessories can make for the dream travel trailer. Why wait?

Choose ALEKO for Your RV Awnings

ALEKO RV awnings come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and are available motorized or non-motorized to fit the needs of your motor home  or RV. Match your retractable awning replacement fabric to your paint job, or go for a classic neutral tone that will easily camouflage road dust. Whether your RV is a class A or a simple camper trailer, ALEKO has the best RV awning and RV awning fabric to suit your style If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor living space, be sure to shop our collection of outdoor retractable awnings.

How To Install Awnings on Your Camper Van

The installation process for your RV awning and respective awning accessories will differ depending upon a handful of factors (whether you bought a motorized or non-motorized awning, the make and model of your RV camper trailer, and more). ALEKO camper awnings come with detailed, step-by-step instructions for easy installation, and you can connect with an ALEKO representative that will be happy to answer any questions.

FAQ About RV Awnings

What sizes do RV awnings come in?

  • ALEKO RV awnings and accessories range in size to provide coverage for a variety of recreational vehicles and even backyards and patios, too. Find sizes that run from 8 by 8 feet to 21 by 8 feet. 

What is the most popular RV awning material?

  • The most commonly used awning materials are acrylic and vinyl. An acrylic awning material offers notable benefits such as efficient air circulation and breathability. They also offer protection against direct sunlight, dust, small debris, and bugs. Vinyl is a tighter woven fabric that provides superior protection. Since vinyl is a tighter weave, you may feel hotter under this type of awning fabric than acrylic. ALEKO's RV awnings for sale use a specialized PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabric that is resistant to harmful UV ray heat, water, mildew, stains, and fading.

Can RV awnings withstand wind?

  • Our durable camper awnings can withstand a reasonable amount of wind and weather, but they should be stowed away when storm conditions arise. Always use your best judgment and exercise caution. If you ever need RV awning replacement fabric, we’ve got you covered.

Can I leave my RV patio awning unattended?

  • As an RV owner, keep your RV awning looking and functioning at its best by putting it away when not in use. ALEKO’s durable retractable RV awnings stow easily, so you don’t have to worry about sustaining any damage to your existing awning or your camper van in the event of inclement weather.

What are the maintenance requirements for RV awnings?

  • Proper maintenance of your modern RV's electric awning includes cleaning it at least twice a year and letting it thoroughly dry before storing. Securely lock your awning in place when traveling and roll it up when not in use. When camping on a rainy day, adjust one side of the awning lower than the other to allow for water runoff and prevent pooling at the center. Heavy pooled water increases its wear and tear. In case of strong winds, store it until the winds have subsided. Learn more on our full guide on how to clean an RV awning.