Find Canvas Carport Canopies and Awnings for Your Home

Easy to put up, easy to roll down, and extremely easy on the eyes, the ALEKO heavy-duty carports are a high-quality solution for storing all your vehicles and outdoor gear. From gardening equipment to motorcycles, these carports are suited for many purposes.

Choose ALEKO for your Heavy Duty Canvas Carport

Add more privacy to your space with ALEKO steel carports. These durable, corrosion-resistant shelters are perfect for storing cars, bicycles, motorcycles, or fishing equipment. Unlike competitors who use an aluminum or PVC pipe frame, we use a powder-coated steel frame for higher durability. They're so easy to take down that you can roll them up easily when not in use. With their affordable price tags, they'll quickly become one of your favorite features when looking to upgrade your home storage solutions. Available in numerous styles, sizes, and colors, you're sure to find a carport that suits your storage needs.

How To Install Your Heavy Duty Canvas Carport

Your ALEKO portable carport comes with a user manual and the hardware you need to successfully set up your purchase. The assembly is simple and straightforward, and ideal for recreational or commercial use. Whether working with a contractor or doing it yourself, ALEKO steel carports are designed and packaged for an easy, intuitive installation process. Connect with an ALEKO representative today for more information on carport installation.

FAQ About Heavy Duty Metal Carports

Are carports worth it?

  • If your area is somewhere there are sudden weather changes, carports are totally worth it. Most people consider them as a benefit in the long run since natural debris and weather patterns can cause wear and tear on vehicles. ALEKO carports come in numerous styles, sizes, and colors, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Our powder-coated steel frame is resistant to rust and corrosion. The waterproof and durable PE fabric protects your your items from the weather and UV rays, making it a great outdoor storage option for extra space. 

Are carports as good as garages?

  • A portable garage is great for equipment protection, bulk storage, or off-season gear storage. While a carport offers a more open-style structure, it can still provide vehicles with a level of protection against rain, snow, ice, or sun exposure. ALEKO's heavy-duty outdoor tent sidewall and windows are made to withstand rain and sunshine and are great for recreational use or commercial use. They're also very easy to assemble and roll down when not in use.

Do carports keep frost off your car?

  • Carports most definitely keep frost from forming on and underneath your car. The roof radiates heat down towards the vehicle, slowing down the rate at which your car cools in the weather. ALEKO carports have powder-coated steel frames to ensure unwavering stability, while the PVC-coated polyethylene woven carport cover offers weather protection and UV protection all season long. So if you're looking for best caport available, ALEKO's heavy duty carport collection offers practical solutions at affordable prices.