Steel and Wrought Iron Style Metal Fencing for Your Home

From chain link to ALEKO’s signature steel fences, our selection of home fencing has everything you need to secure your property with the right fence style. Whether you're looking to replace an existing fence or secure your home’s surrounding area with a rail fence or yard fence, you can rely on ALEKO's expertise and workmanship to get the job done.

Choose ALEKO for Your Wrought Iron Fencing

Purchase fence panels for your contractor to install or make improvements on your own with our DIY fence kits. ALEKO's fencing material options like fence panels, fence fabric, brackets, and fixings are perfectly suited to the job, whether you’re fencing a small front garden or an entire acre. Each fence panel guarantees strength and durability no matter the harsh conditions of the weather outside.

How To Install Metal Fencing

ALEKO's wrought iron style fencing options adapt to fit your fence installation needs. When it comes to residential wrought iron style or steel fencing, you can work with a contractor in your service area or go the DIY route with a little help from family and friends—we’re happy to provide you with everything you’ll need, from top rails to tension bars, to make sure your home gets the beautiful and high quality ornamental fence it deserves. Contact an ALEKO representative for more information about how to install your ALEKO wrought iron fencing or if you're considering replacing an existing fence.

FAQ About Metal Fencing

Can I install residential fencing by myself?

  • ALEKO’s home fencing kits include everything you need for your new steel fence or wrought iron fence installation project. With a couple of sets of hands and an ALEKO DIY fence kit, you’ll boost your home security—and curb appeal— in no time. A decorative wrought iron fence is also an added protection. Whether you're looking to install a backyard chain link fence serving as a home security fence or a pool fence for commercial applications, you can rely on all our fence material and style selections to design your space.

Will my wrought iron fence panel rust?

  • From chain link fencing to traditional home fencing, we make all of our fences from high-quality galvanized and powder-coated steel material that’s built to resist rust, retain structural integrity, and look fantastic for years to come. Our Duplex System is proven to protect your fence gate against all types of extreme weather, from winter snow to torrential rain.

How long will my ALEKO metal fence gate last?

  • Since our gate fences are made of sturdy materials like galvanized, powder-coated steel, they’re incredibly durable. Steel fencing typically requires less maintenance than other fence types, such as wood fence posts or vinyl fencing. However, it's essential to regularly clean your steel fence and perform touch-ups for any spots where the finish has been lost to prevent rust. When you select a fence type from ALEKO, you can rely on it to last for years to come, before it even needs to be refinished. With proper maintenance, you’ll find that your beautiful ornamental steel fence from ALEKO will be worth the investment. Opting for reliable fencing material now can help lower your fence cost expenses in the future.

Can my fence post be installed on a slope?

  • Yes, your fencing can be installed on a slope using a method known as 'racking'. This method involves adjusting the fence panels so they align with the slope of the ground. This type of installation might require professional service to ensure stability and aesthetic integrity.

What is the difference between tubular steel fencing and solid steel fencing?

  • Tubular steel fencing is made from hollow steel tubes, making it lighter and more affordable than solid steel fencing. Despite its lightness, it still offers considerable strength and durability. ALEKO’s tubular steel fencing is powder-coated, providing a versatile, low-maintenance, and cost-effective security solution.