Find Galvanized Steel Fence Panels for Your Home

Sturdy and easy-to-install fence panels are perfect for setting home boundaries and privacy. Whether you’re looking to add some privacy or just create a decorative border around your property, ALEKO has a wide selection of fence panel heights and widths to fit your requirements.

Choose ALEKO for Your Fence Panels

Purchase your fence panels from our wide selections, perfectly designed for home and garden improvements. ALEKO's premium and durable fence panels offer many sizes and styles that won't break the budget.

How To Install Your Fence Panels

ALEKO fences adapt to fit your installation needs. Work with a contractor or go the DIY route with a little help from family and friends—we’re here to provide you with everything you’ll need, including post and connector brackets for easy assembly. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help—contact an ALEKO representative for assistance.

FAQ About Fence Panels

Are fence panels worth it?

  • Putting up a fence is easier using fence panels than starting from scratch. By principle, the amount of time it takes to install a fence is less than it takes to build one. ALEKO fence panels come in different sizes and styles to fit your requirements.

Is it cheaper to put up your own fence?

  • One of the advantages of installing fence panels by yourself is that you don’t have to pay for labor costs or hire a company to do the work. When budgeted correctly, many people find that DIY projects are cheaper in the end. Contact an ALEKO representative for assistance in choosing the right fence panels for your budget.

How long will my ALEKO fence last?

  • Since our fences are made of sturdy materials like galvanized and powder-coated steel, they’re incredibly durable. With proper maintenance, your ALEKO fence that last for years to come.