Inflatable Fishing Boats and Dinghies

ALEKO inflatable boats are perfect for sport, fishing, diving trips, river rafting, and family adventure vacations. ALEKO’s selection of heavy duty inflatable boats is vast and includes models in different sizes, colors, and designs. Our boats provide the best performance at an accessible price point.

Choose ALEKO for Your Inflatable Boat

ALEKO's rigid inflatable boats are a good choice for fishing, diving trips, camping, and other water adventures. Designed for power and durability, our inflatable rafts are perfect for both saltwater and freshwater activities. No need to worry about storage when using our boats; your brand new ALEKO inflatable boat is easy to store and transport as needed. Enjoy safer and more comfortable trips with family and friends with our heavy duty sport boats.

How To Use Your Inflatable Boat

Setting up your inflatable fishing boat can be a relatively simple process. Installation involves putting the nozzle into the valve and then pumping air into the boat. Your dinghy utilizes a one-way valve, a proven design that has been used for 20 years. This simple, rugged, one-way valve makes inflation easy. The inner valve design allows air to flow into the inflatable hull but not out and the outer valve cap makes the seal permanent. Your ALEKO inflatable watercraft comes with tie-down straps for battery boxes and gas tanks, bench seats, a foot pump, and a one-way drain valve with a plug. It also has a detailed owner's manual, so you'll be ready for standard installation upon delivery. Connect with an ALEKO representative if you need more information.

FAQ About Inflatable Boats

Can you use an inflatable dinghy boat in the sea?

  • Some dinghies are designed for speed and adrenaline rush, while others are suitable for learning and more relaxed sailing. If you like the open seas, the ALEKO inflatable dinghy is perfect because it's a high-performance, heavy-duty sport boat. It can withstand high pressure and it is as tough and rigid as a conventional wood floor boat. You can also use it on days when you prefer to sail on inland waters like lakes and reservoirs.

How far can I take my inflatable sport boat out on the waters?

  • If you plan on a water adventure, knowing your boat’s limits and when you need to stop is critical. There are many factors to consider that can affect your inflatable raft. The boat's features, the weather, and how skilled a captain you are will be the best determining factors. The ALEKO inflatable dinghy boat can be readily used but if you prefer a motorized boat, depending on the model, it can also accommodate shaft outboard and stroke motors. Some convenient features include a rope grab line for carrying and stability, an all-around durable rubber strike to prevent damage, and two built-in handles. Our inflatable dinghies have air chambers to protect your boat in the event of an air leak. 

How do I choose my first inflatable raft?

  • The goal is to pick a boat that fits your lifestyle. Explore your choices at ALEKO and pick one that suits your needs. With many sizes, colors, and accessories available, you can find the perfect inflatable boat for your next fishing trips or family adventure. You can choose a boat with an aluminum, wood, or air floor. Aluminum flooring allows for a higher capacity load and makes for an ideal dinghy, fisher, or beach boat while the air floor boats are much lighter and can accommodate activities that may not require maximum load support such as taking friends out for the day.