Inflatable Boats with Aluminum Floors

You'll enjoy hours of fun on the water with an ALEKO inflatable boat with an aluminum floor. These high-quality boats are perfect for fishing and diving, or simply trolling your favorite river's edge– and all at an accessible price! They're easy to store, tow, and set up.

Choose ALEKO for Your Boat with Aluminum Floor

ALEKO’s inflatable boats with aluminum floors are perfect for fishing, diving, and river rafting. The aluminum floor is the best choice to protect and secure the floor of your inflatable raft, making it the ideal dinghy, fisher, or beach boat. ALEKO's robust designs allow you to choose any boat size according to your needs. Our boats are 1.2 mm polyester reinforced and anti-corrosive coated PVC, making them resistant to everyday wear and tear during use. Completely foldable for easy transport and storage, these durable aluminum boats are great for all water activities at affordable prices.

How To Use Your Boat with Aluminum Floor

Setting up your inflatable sport boat with an aluminum floor can be a fairly simple process. Generally speaking, installation involves putting the nozzle into the valve and using your foot to pump air into the boat. It doesn't take much to fill your boat since the pump pushes through a lot of air. Your ALEKO inflatable bloat comes with an aluminum flooring set, bench seat, foot pump, a one-way drain valve with plug, and a detailed owner’s manual, so you’ll be ready for standard installation upon delivery. Connect with an ALEKO representative today to learn more.

FAQ About Boats with Aluminum Floors

Should I buy an inflatable boat with an air floor or an aluminum floor?

  • The two are very different from one another, and each one has its own advantages. Boats with inflatable floors are often used for the ease of moving the boat because of how light it is. They can also be easily stowed away because they can be rolled up. Aluminum floors are great for leisure boating, fishing, placing equipment on the deck, and having pets on board. You can put gear like fish hooks and other sharp, pointy objects, on your floor without worrying about damage.

How do I choose my first inflatable raft?

  • The goal is to pick a boat that fits your lifestyle. The larger the boat, the higher passenger capacity and gear it can accommodate. Explore your choices at ALEKO and pick one that fits your needs. ALEKO has a wide selection of inflatable boats in different types, colors, and sizes. Our boats are tested and designed for both 15" short shaft outboards and 20" long shaft outboards.

What accessories does my ALEKO boat have?

  • Your ALEKO boat comes with an aluminum flooring set, bench seat, aluminum oars, tie-down straps for battery boxes and gas tanks, a storage bag, a foot pump, a one-way drain valve with a plug, towing D-rings, four mounted carrying handles, and a pre-packed repair kit. It also has an all-around rope grab line, a durable rubber strike, separate internal air chambers, and a safety valve to prevent overinflation.