Electric Sauna Heaters & Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves

Enjoy a relaxing at-home sauna spa day with an ALEKO wood-burning or electric sauna heater that is designed to provide safe, reliable heating while at the same time leveraging faster heating capabilities and energy saving features.

Choose ALEKO for Your Sauna Heater

Bring that soothing spa experience to your home. Whether you prefer wood burning heaters or electric sauna heaters, it all boils down to one relaxing experience. ALEKO has many models to choose from that can answer all your home spa needs. Powerful, affordable, and long-lasting, our wood sauna stove heaters and electric heaters offer the ultimate at-home sauna experience.

How To Install Your Sauna Heater

Our wood-burning sauna stoves come with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process with ease. For hardwired heater units, an electrician is recommended upon installation. Contact an ALEKO representative for assistance with any troubleshooting you (or your contractor) may require.

FAQ About Sauna Heaters

What are the benefits of a traditional sauna room?

  • Saunas are wildly popular as a way to relax and socialize. They also offer several health benefits to sauna enthusiasts, especially after a workout or a long work day. With a complete ALEKO sauna system, you can enjoy health benefits like stress relief and muscle relaxation. 

How much does it cost to run a sauna heater?

  • The cost of running a wood sauna heater or an electric heater may vary depending upon the make and model, and your usage habits. Connect with our team today for assistance in choosing the right sauna heater for your ourdoor or indoor sauna and budget.

Which sauna is right for me?

  • Wood-burning and electric saunas are both popular choices as the overall spa experience is similar with either type. Your choice ultimately depends on your preference for the modern convenience of an electric sauna or the cozy ambiance associated with a wood-burning sauna.