Outdoor Barrel Saunas for Your Backyard

With an attractive design that maximizes usable space and comfort, barrel saunas heat up quickly and easily accommodate friends and family. Unique, attractive, and thoroughly relaxing, a barrel sauna kit from ALEKO can add value to any home. From an electric sauna heater to a traditional sauna heater, your sauna barrel design options are endless. We’re here to make sure you select the best sauna experience for your home.

Choose ALEKO for Your Sauna

With ALEKO's pine and cedar barrel saunas, you can now indulge in a sauna session for as long as you need at your own home spa. Out outdoor barrel saunas are made from the highest quality construction at affordable prices, making them the perfect addition to your household. Whether you install an outdoor barrel sauna steam room in your backyard or a sauna in your primary bathroom, you’ll love heating it up—and sweating it out in the steam. Choose a 4-person, 6-person, or 8-person style in western red cedar or pine lumber design. No matter your selection, your high quality ALEKO sauna will be well-made, beautiful, and competitively priced to create the perfect sauna experience in your home. Whether you want to use sauna stones or are looking at different sauna door and bench designs, your indoor and outdoor sauna options are nearly infinite.

How To Install Barrel Saunas

Your high quality electric or steam sauna from ALEKO will arrive with a detailed manual to guide you through the assembly. You’ll clear a level space to provide a flat floor surface for the sauna and, to install certain heaters like an electric sauna heater, we recommend working with an electrician. Questions? Contact an ALEKO representative today.

FAQ About Barrel Saunas

Why is it shaped like a barrel?

  • The barrel shape provides several benefits:

    Efficient Air Circulation: The round shape facilitates natural convection, allowing hot air to rise and circulate efficiently.

    Structural Integrity: The cylindrical design distributes stress evenly across the structure, making it sturdy without needing internal framing.

    Material Efficiency: The barrel design uses less wood compared to rectangular or square saunas while still providing ample space for users.

Do barrel saunas require electricity?

  • Some saunas require electricity in order to operate an electric heater. However, many sauna heater options or wood burning sauna heaters may use sauna stones to create steam. If you’d like to avoid using electricity to heat your sauna, check out our selection of wood- burning sauna heaters. We offer saunas made from different types of lumber to help you pick a unit that matches your design preferences.

Can you put a barrel sauna indoors?

  • Yes, you can put a barrel sauna indoors. We carry a variety of sizes for our sauna enthusiasts, so you can choose the best barrel design for your indoor space.

What do you put under a barrel backyard sauna?

  • All ALEKO barrel saunas come with mounting cradles. These mounting cradles are the perfect foundation if you’re placing it on your front porch or back deck. If you’re placing your sauna outside, you’ll need to prepare a level piece of land for it. Some people choose to put a platform or concrete slab beneath their sauna. If you’re installing your sauna indoors, you can place it on any type of flat floor material apart from carpeting.