Choose ALEKO for Your Wood Sauna Stoves

Made from premium materials, our wood burning sauna stoves feature optimal heat distribution while giving off the perfect ambiance for you to decompress. The wood sauna heater comes with a chimney kit that is easy to install. Elevate your relaxation routine with a log cabin sauna heater that not only fits your budget but also stands the test of time.

How to Install Your Wood Sauna Stove

While the installation process for your wooden sauna heater will vary depending upon the sauna model you have and the location of installation, each sauna kit from ALEKO includes everything you need for a successful setup in a matter of hours. To ensure that the heating system of your traditional sauna is properly installed and safe to operate, we recommend working with an electrician.

FAQ About Wood Sauna Stoves

What type of wood is best for burning in a wood sauna heater?

  • Softwoods like pine, fir, cedar, and spruce are good for kindling and starting a fire. Hardwoods like maple, oak, and birch are perfect for sustaining heat once the sauna reaches the ideal temperature for relaxation. They also have minimal resin content which gives efficient and clean combustion.

How often do I need to load wood into the sauna heater?

  • The frequency of loading wood into your sauna heater depends on factors like the size of the sauna, the type of wood used, and personal preference. As a general guideline, you may need to do it every 30-45 minutes to maintain a consistent temperature. This time interval allows the wood to burn nice and hot, and your coals are formed before you throw another logs to the coal. 

Do wood sauna heaters require special maintenance?

  • Yes, wood sauna heaters do require some maintenance because wood is organic material and parts of the sauna that are directly exposed to heat darkens over time. Regular cleaning of the firebox, chimney, and vents is also important to ensure efficient operation. Inspecting for any signs of wear and tear and replacing parts as needed can also help extend your heater's lifespan. When choosing sauna heaters, consider ALEKO's heating elements as they are tested for their durability. ALEKO is a great investment when it comes to consistent and reliable sauna heating at home.