Cedar Outdoor Showers

Choose ALEKO for Your Outdoor Shower Kits

Wash away dirt, bathe your dogs, or simply cool down on a hot summer afternoon right at the convenience of your own backyard. Make every day feel like a retreat with our easy-to-install and durable outdoor shower kits. Style your outdoor oasis with ALEKO's outdoor shower kits. They are designed with premium materials and versatility. Enjoy an overhead rain shower, adjustable heights, a hand shower wand, and a foot wash spout. They are perfect for cooling down on a hot day, rinsing off after a sauna session, or giving your pets a bath without the mess indoors. What’s more, is that its adaptability extends beyond personal use which makes it an ideal addition to vacation rentals or cottages. Increase property value without breaking the bank with ALEKO’s outdoor shower kits.

Choose ALEKO for Your Home Sauna

All ALEKO home saunas and sauna accessories are quality-made and built to last at competitive prices. Whether you’re outfitting your master bath with a small indoor sauna with a ceramic heater or kitting out the backyard with a complete home outdoor sauna and wood-burning stove, we carry corrosion-resistant, premium-crafted saunas that will be perfect for your space and your budget.

How To Install Your Outdoor Shower Kit

Modern outdoor shower kits, such as the ones from ALEKO, are designed for easy installation. When your new rinse shower arrives, you can easily assemble it with two people in just a couple of hours thanks to its pre-cut boards and pre-assembled sections. To ensure that your shower kit is properly installed, we recommend working with an electrician or contact an ALEKO representative.

FAQ About Outdoor Shower Kits

How do you plumb for an outdoor shower?

  • Options for water hookup include garden hose or hard plumbing. Don't forget to add a hot water faucet for that extra bit of warmth! Be sure to check out ALEKO’s outdoor shower kits and contact an ALEKO representative to assist you with the installation.

Do outdoor showers increase home value?

  • Unique outdoor amenities and added convenience definitely attracts potential buyers. Property buyers are willing to pay a premium for a property that offers added value for a well-designed outdoor living space which can increase the seller's return on investment. Because ALEKO outdoor showers are cost-effective, you can save more when it comes to home investment.

How do I maintain and clean my outdoor shower?

  • Routine maintenance ensures your outdoor shower remains in tip-top shape for years. First, always ensure good drainage to prevent stagnant water. Periodically check for mold or mildew, especially in shaded areas. Use mild, environmentally-friendly cleaners to preserve your shower and the surrounding area. ALEKO outdoor shower kits are designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. With proper care and maintenance, these outdoor showers will last for many years.