Premium Outdoor Saunas for Your Backyard 

Transform your yard into a restorative oasis with an outdoor, backyard sauna from ALEKO. From four-person wet and dry saunas constructed from Canadian clear red cedar to luxury hemlock saunas that can accommodate eight, find the outdoor sauna kit of your dreams in our versatile selection. Whether you want a traditional outdoor sauna kit made with tempered glass that's heated by an electric stove or an outdoor barrel sauna heated by a wood burning stove, ALEKO can help you get the best outdoor sauna experience at home.

Choose ALEKO for Your Outdoor Sauna

If you’re upgrading your own backyard or looking to increase the value of a vacation rental unit, ALEKO has an outdoor sauna to fit your relaxation needs. Like all ALEKO products, our outdoor steam rooms and barrel saunas are meticulously designed and manufactured to offer you the very best quality at a competitive price. Discover a wide range of sauna sizes and styles, such as a barrel sauna, a clear red cedar sauna, or just an outdoor traditional sauna. Our outdoor saunas for sale come equipped with either an asphalt or Bitumen roof to protect your sauna investment from rain and UV radiation. We’re here to provide everything you need to keep your dream sauna room running well and looking great for years to come.

How To Install an Outdoor Backyard Sauna

Depending on your home sauna's model, heater, and location, the installation process may vary. However, the assembly process can be quick and simple if you follow our thorough installation guides. Refer to the instructions for your sauna model and contact an ALEKO representative with any questions, big or small.

FAQ About Outdoor Wet and Dry Heat Saunas

How are outdoor saunas heated?

  • Just like indoor saunas, outdoor wet and dry saunas can create heat with an electric stove sauna heater or a wood burning stove. Heaters usually incorporate a sauna stone setup where you can pour water on to create steam for each sauna session.

What are the health benefits of using a sauna?

  • Regular sauna users report that the heat and steam from a sauna session can cause numerous benefits, including improved sleep, reduced stress, a boosted metabolism, and softer, healthier skin.

Does a steam sauna room require access to power?

  • It depends. Many saunas run on electric heater power, though some are heated by wood burning stoves. For safety reasons, we recommend working with an electrician when installing an electric-powered sauna.

Why choose an outdoor sauna over an indoor one?

  • Outdoor saunas offer several advantages:

Space Saving: They don't take up space inside your home.

Natural Setting: Being outdoors can enhance the relaxation experience, offering a more direct connection with nature.

Ventilation: Outdoor settings provide excellent natural ventilation, quickly dissipating steam and heat after a session.

What types of outdoor saunas are available?

  • At ALEKO, we offer two types: outdoor barrel saunas and cabin saunas. Barrel saunas are cylindrical in shape, offering efficient heat circulation while cabin saunas are traditional square or rectangular structures, often resembling small sheds.