DIY Wrought Iron-Style Metal Fence Kits for Your Home

ALEKO offers DIY security fence kits that are sturdy, practical, and elegant additions to your home landscape.

Choose ALEKO for Your DIY Fence Kits

ALEKO fences adapt to fit your installation needs. Work with a contractor or go the DIY route with a little help from family and friends—we’re happy to provide you with everything you’ll need any step of the way.

How To Install the DIY Fence Kit

ALEKO DIY fence kits are simple and provide everything you need to get your project off the ground. Each fence includes posts and connector brackets needed for smooth assembly. If you need further assistance, contact an ALEKO representative for more information.

FAQ About DIY Fence Kit

How do I choose the right fence?

  • Fences that are practically maintenance-free, long-lasting, and easy to install make them the popular choice. We specialize in high-quality galvanized and powder-coated steel DIY fence kits that are built to resist rust and retain structural integrity under harsh weather conditions. 

Can I install the fence by myself?

  • ALEKO’s home fencing kits include everything you need to self-install your new fence. With a couple of sets of hands and an ALEKO DIY fence kit, it won’t take long for you to install the materials, put up the fence, and give your home a new look. 

What fence design fits my property type?

  • List the qualities of your fencing needs and consider your personal style. Look into fence shapes and materials that complement your property and the surroundings. If you need help and want advice, get in touch with one of our ALEKO representatives to help you choose the perfect fence from our wide selection of home fencing kits.