Motorized Retractable Awnings for Decks & Patios in Multiple Sizes

Enjoy sun, shade, or storm protection with the click of a button, thanks to ALEKO’s selection of high-quality, affordable deck and patio awnings. Whether you're looking for sun shade and UV protection, a shield from light rain or wind, ALEKO's motorized retractable patio awning selections can fit your outdoor living space perfectly and ensure you can spend more time outside throughout the year. ALEKO's porch awnings make for the perfect solar shades at home.

Choose ALEKO for Your Motorized Awnings

ALEKO’s motorized retractable patio awnings come in a huge variety of awning fabric sizes, colors, and patterns. Outfit a beach rental with an easy-to-operate electric motor for your awning canopy to provide cool shade and protect your new deck or surrounding area from the sun’s harmful UV rays and unpredictable weather conditions. We also offer commercial awnings with dimming LED lights to provide the right amount of illumination for evening gatherings, making them both functional and decorative. No matter which model or style of fabric awning you choose, your retractable window awning from ALEKO will be weather-resistant, durable, and competitively priced.

How To Install Motorized Awnings

Your ALEKO motorized retractable awnings come with everything you need for a successful installation of your new patio cover, including step-by-step instructions and vertical brackets (optional ceiling brackets are available, too). While the assembly process of the electric awning may vary depending on your outdoor space, power source, and the surface you’re mounting it on, you can contact an ALEKO representative to talk through your individual installation process.

FAQ About Motorized Retractable Awnings

What are the benefits of retractable patio awnings?

  • Patio awnings offer a whole host of benefits, from increasing the viability of outdoor living space and protecting outdoor furniture to cooling off the interior of your home and reducing energy costs. Motorized awnings are even more beneficial than fixed window awnings since they can easily stow away when you want to enjoy the sun or when rough weather rolls around.

Will a motorized retractable awning increase the value of my property?

  • Yes, attractive, functional motorized awning canopies can enhance outdoor living spaces and add value to your home or business. Installing a deck awning or outdoor awning boosts curb appeal which makes your property more appealing to visitors and potential buyers.

How long do motorized awnings last?

  • Our motorized patio awning is designed to withstand wind and rain. When properly maintained and observing awning care tips, motorized awnings from ALEKO can last decades. We also carry replacement fabric, brackets, and other assorted parts for your awnings, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

What happens if there's a power cut? Can I still retract my motorized awning?

  • The ALEKO motorized patio awning has the same convenient features as a manual awning. It comes with a hand crank for manual retraction and opening of the awning without the need of electricity. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with how this feature works when you have your awning installed.

What are the differences between drop arm awnings and lateral arm awnings?

  • Lateral arm awnings and drop arm awnings are two different types of retractable awnings that serve various purposes based on their design and function. A lateral arm awning extends horizontally from the wall of a building, supported by arms that extend laterally, without the need for vertical supports or poles. This creates a clear, unobstructed shaded area underneath, perfect for outdoor living spaces. For these reasons, lateral arms are used for our patio and deck awnings. Drop arm awnings use arms that pivot or "drop" at an angle from the mounted position, thus allowing the awning to extend in a downward and outward fashion. They are ideal for windows or small outdoor areas. They offer the ability to control the angle of shade, which can be especially beneficial for blocking low-angle sunlight.