Choose ALEKO for Your Gate Locks

Make your property safe and more secure with a lock that's built to last. ALEKO gate locks are incredibly versatile so they work with a variety of gate opener brands. Because they're compatibility works seamlessly with several gate opener systems, you can be confident that you won't find yourself stuck behind a gate that won't budge. The ALEKO lock is a trusty piece you can count on whether you want to upgrade your gate system, plan a new construction, or simply need to repair a malfunctioning gate. Having a spare of ALEKO locks is always a smart move.

How To Install an Gate Lock

The installation process for your gate lock will differ depending on the type of gate system you have. Refer to the specific instructions that come with your particular lock, as installation steps can vary based on the model and design. If you are unsure about any part of the installation process, our ALEKO representatives will be happy to assist with a wide range of troubleshooting methods you (or your contractor) may require. Our team is here for your convenience to help you learn about everything you need to know about automatic gates.

FAQ About Gate Locks

Can locks be forced open?

  • If an intruder is desperate to gain entry, they will use any possible means to break the lock. But in most situations, gates are too hard to break for most intruders. This key feature in locks makes them a better option for adding security around a property. ALEKO’s locks are made for durability and affordability.

What to do when my lock won’t open?

  • If your gate won’t budge, check if there's a power outage. If the power's all good, look into the remote's batteries if they need a refresh. If it still won’t work, get hands-on and see if there's anything blocking your gate's swing or slide.

Are gate locks compatible with all types of gates?

  • Gate locks come in various types and designs for different gate styles, including swing gates and sliding gates. Compatibility often depends on the specific lock and gate opener system you have. To guarantee that you have the right pieces, contact an ALEKO representative to help choose from ALEKO's collection of locks.