Discounted Gates and Fencing from ALEKO

Find Discounted Gates and Fencing from ALEKO

Explore our vast collection of discounted driveway gates and fencing supplies. Our gate and fencing products are suitable for any home and commercial property at very accessible price points. Choose from various fence styles to replace your existing fence or enhance your home. At ALEKO, we guarantee expertise and quality craftsmanship.

Buy fence panels for your contractor to install, or take on the project yourself using our discounted fence supplies and DIY fence kits. ALEKO's cheap gates and discounted fencing materials include fence panels, fabric, brackets, and fixings that are ideal for any job, whether it's fencing a small front yard or an entire property.

How To Install Home Fencing

ALEKO fences are designed to meet your fencing needs. For residential fencing, you can either hire a local contractor or do it yourself with assistance from family and friends. We provide the necessary materials, including top rails and tension bars, to ensure that your home has the steady and durable fence it deserves. Reach out to an ALEKO representative for information on how to install your ALEKO fence or if you are considering replacing your current fence.


What is the cheapest type of fencing?

  • When it comes to wood fencing, treated pine is typically the most economical and sturdy wood choice. Cedar is usually more expensive, while redwood and teak are at the higher end of the price range. Metal fences, such as wrought iron fences, are a popular choice because of their durability and longevity, but they typically cost more. This is why ALEKO's discounted steel fences are among the best deals you can get in the market.

Can I install a fence by myself?

  • It is usually recommended to get a few sets of hands to help out with a fencing project. ALEKO has DIY fence kits that come with the special hardware needed to hook the panels up to the posts.