Driveway Single Swing Gates

Improve the appearance and security of your property and driveway entrance with a heavy duty galvanized steel single swing driveway gate. Durable, functional, and attractive, an ALEKO single swing gate makes a fantastic addition to any home.

Choose ALEKO for Your Single Swing Driveway Gate

ALEKO gates are more than well-made—each style is hand-wrought from galvanized steel artisan techniques, then treated with an ultra-protective powder coating to stand up to the test of time (and terrible weather) and add to your home's curb appeal. With a wide variety of classic and modern designs, ALEKO’s stock of driveway gates will suit every taste and home design.

How To Install a Single Swing Driveway Gate

Your ALEKO single swing security gate comes with gate posts, panels, and hinges included. You can install it yourself, or work with an installation service or contractor—it’s completely up to you. Connect with an ALEKO representative and discover new driveway ideas and learn everything you need to know about upgrading your property. 

FAQ About Driveway Gates

What is a single swing driveway gate?

  • A single swing driveway gate is a gate that opens from a single pivot point, hinging on one side and locking on the other. With their simple, solid construction, ALEKO gates are a practical, affordable choice for any space that can accommodate the swing distance. If you're curious about dual swing gates or other types of automatic gates, contact our team to assist you with your gate needs.

Will my gate rust?

  • No. Because your ALEKO single swing driveway gate is crafted from heavy-duty galvanized steel and features a protective powder paint coating, it’s resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Will a single swing gate work in my driveway?

  • There are many factors to consider when selecting a security gate, from the incline grade of your driveway to the amount of space available. Compare the specs of any ALEKO gate (available on the product page) with the measurements of your property to determine which gate and gate length is the best fit. Once you've selected the perfect gate for your driveway entrance, consider buying a gate opener for added automation and convenience.