Gate and Fence Posts

Secure your home while elevating its charm. ALEKO gate posts offer a seamless blend of functionality and style. Each gate post is carefully designed to achieve top quality. Thanks to ALEKO's accessible pricing, you can now materialize the vision you have for your dream home. Who knew elegance could also come from affordable gate and fence posts?

Choose ALEKO for Your Gate and Fence Posts

ALEKO gate posts are crafted with precision and designed to withstand all weather conditions in the years to come. They are also specifically engineered to enhance the visual appeal of your gates and give your home a touch of sophistication. All products are priced to suit your budget while maintaining top-tier quality. Boost the value of your real estate property without breaking the bank with ALEKO gate and fence posts. Our gate posts fit ALEKO style gates, but are also compatible with other branded driveway gates of similar sizes. Its hot dipped galvanized undercoat allows for maximum corrosion and rust resistance. Similarly, our fence posts will fit ALEKO wrought iron style fences

How To Install the Gate Posts

ALEKO gate posts adapt to fit your gate installation needs. When it comes to residential gate and fence posts, you can work with a contractor in your service area or go the DIY route with a little help from family and friends—we’re happy to provide you with everything you’ll need to make sure your home gets the beautiful gate posts it deserves. In keeping with the simple, DIY ethics of our gates, our set of gate posts is pre-drilled and ready for installation without need for any difficult set-up or welding. Contact an ALEKO representative for more information about how to install your ALEKO gate posts or if you're considering replacing an existing post.

FAQ About Gate and Fence Posts

What height should a gate post be?

  • The standard size for full-height driveway gates is 8 feet or 2.4 meters in length, but other height options are also available. Check out ALEKO's gate post collection if you need the 8-foot gate posts or for other options. It's important to note that for all gate sizes, you need to set the gate post at a minimum depth of 2 feet in a suitable concrete footing.

How deep should gate posts be buried?

  • For proper installation, the hole depth should be approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the height of the post above the ground level. For instance, an ALEKO 8 foot tall post would need a hole depth of at least 3 to 4 feet. As for the diameter of the hole, it should be 3 times the width of the post.

Do gate posts need to be cemented?

  • It is generally recommended for stability especially for heavier gates or in soft ground areas. Cementing the gate posts helps them from shifting, settling, or tilting over time. It also adds extra support to handle the weight and pressure applied to the gate when opening and closing. ALEKO gate posts are already made to stand the test of time so cementing is a wise choice to ensure a robust and reliable setup.