Premium Sliding Gates for Driveways

Make the most of limited space, secure a sloped driveway, and improve your property’s curb appeal with a sliding driveway gate from ALEKO.

Choose ALEKO for Your Driveway Gate

Like all ALEKO products, our sliding driveway gates are quality-made, attractive, and built to last. Each gate is hand-wrought out of galvanized steel, then treated with a durable powder paint coating. This Duplex System of protection is proven to preserve the structural integrity and visual appeal of your slide gate for years to come—just one of many reasons why an ALEKO gate is an investment worth making.You may also consider getting an automated sliding gate opener for remote access control to optimize your security gate’s convenience.

How To Install Sliding Driveway Gates

Your ALEKO driveway gate comes with all the hardware you need to successfully set up your purchase. Whether you’re working with a contractor or doing it yourself, ALEKO gates are designed and packaged for an easy, intuitive gate installation process. Connect with an ALEKO representative today to learn more.

FAQ About Sliding Driveway Gates

What’s the difference between sliding gates and swing gates?

  • Sliding entry gates move along the existing fence line on rollers or tracks rather than swinging out into the driveway. They’re well suited to properties on a steep incline or areas without clearance for a swing gate. 

Can I automate my sliding driveway gate?

  • ALEKO’s wide range of slide gate operator motors and openers can automate any ALEKO gate, including our sliding models. Check out our selection of sliding gate openers to compare models, or contact our team for personalized guidance on automatic sliding gates.

How durable are sliding driveway gates?

  • While the durability of a driveway gate depends upon its manufacturer, a quality galvanized steel gate can last for what feels like a lifetime. ALEKO gates are designed for maximum longevity, functionality, and style. When it comes to new automatic gates or gate repair, we never cut corners or compromise on construction, so you can feel completely confident in your ALEKO purchase, every time.