Security Pedestrian Gates

Ramp up the security of your property and entrance with a stylish, hand-wrought pedestrian metal gate. Whether you’re designing a front walkway or dressing up a side entry or exit, ALEKO pedestrian gates are the perfect combination of practicality, safety, and charm.

Choose ALEKO for Your Pedestrian Gates

ALEKO pedestrian access gates are designed to make a lasting statement. Hand-wrought out of galvanized, powder-coated steel, each of our high-quality gates will look stylish and function perfectly through the years. From the intricate Venice to the understated Munich, discover a variety of pedestrian metal gate options and classic design styles tailored to your tastes.

How To Install a Gate

Installing an attractive feature like a pedestrian or garden gate can be a fairly simple process. Generally speaking, installation involves grading the terrain where your gate will stand, digging holes for the posts, and/or affixing hinges to preexisting structures or ALEKO posts. Your ALEKO gate comes with posts and hinges included, along with detailed instructions, so you’ll be ready for standard installation upon delivery.

FAQ About Entrance Gates

Why should I install a pedestrian gate?

  • Pedestrian entrance gates are a fantastic way to secure your property’s space, entry, and exit, while simultaneously improving your curb appeal. Gated entrances are more than picturesque—they’re a classy way to discourage uninvited visitors.

Can ALEKO security gates be customized to my space?

  • Our five-foot pedestrian access gates can to fit into existing walls and structures or fit seamlessly with other ALEKO fencing. We carry all kinds of mechanisms and accessories to tailor your gate to your design specification and preference. Contact an ALEKO representative with any questions about your custom gate options.

What is the best material for a pedestrian gate?

  • Wood, vinyl, and aluminum all have their benefits, but the best material for an attractive and durable pedestrian gate is galvanized steel. We craft our gates with galvanized steel because it’s remarkably strong, can be shaped into beautiful designs, and can function properly for a long time when properly maintained.