Our Client Testimonials


I was planning to make a sliding gate drive out of an old reversible drill and several bicycle chains until I found this operator. The price is hard to beat; I guess i would pay the same for parts for my dyi project. It's a dedicated kit, with options for expansion and numerous pieces of hardware intended to fit miscellaneous gates that I might have. Much better than anything i would build myself from a scratch. The gate needs to be stiff enough to take the chain tension, in my case 2" square pipe was enough. Of course, with accordance to Murphys laws, the fittings didn't fit my gate, because of the intervening midstile, but several cantilevered pipes cut and welded together allowed for installation and proper positioning of the chain and magnets on my gate. I poured the concrete foundation (2 bags 80lbs) with embedded bolts and placed metal conduits to the additional circuit breaker. The drive base was welded in place to avoid theft. The drive operated once energized; there was no setup necessary, other than repositioning the magnets which work as limit switches. I will hook it on a surge protector to protect the electronics. I have two more gates and I will buy these operators for the remaining gates.




works great took me two hours to install had no trouble installing everything works without a flaw, price is right cheapest i have seen lately and i know because i install these for a living, so i recommend the seller and the product.

- Steve Malcolm


I have been using my gate opener for 2 weeks now and it is the best money I have spent in a long time. I have a 16' chain link gate and my opener works perfectly. It's a little slow. With so many gate openers on the market the price was what really caught my eye. This is the best investment in my home I've made in awhile. Great product, Great price.

- Jackie Jones


I recommend it because its so easy to install and it's been working fine for a year, very useful, and reliable.

- Hector Rosales


I saved 1200 bucks buying this opener and it works great! I dont know if I would use it on a gate that opened 10 times an hour but for a house or 10 times a day if works great.

- chris lemmings



Great product and am very happy with the results however I would recommend replacing the cheap blue plastic hose and quick connect fittings with an actual piece of rubber air hose with barbed fitting on one end and quick disconnect on the other end otherwise they will just pop off. Had the same issue with same design in those quick air line kits in my garage. Once I replaced the hose with a much better design I had no leaks and worked perfectly.. Great product for the price.. Again Thanks.

- Brian


Well built unit, will save many hours of clean up on my latest project... Repairing/restoring a 1927 McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor. Easy to use, very portable.

- Lester Wright


I ordered this to clean up my motorcycle rims to remove some surface rust, it worked great using the soda blaster.

- WM