Round Inflatable Hot Tubs

Rest, relax, and recharge in an ALEKO round hot tub. From four-person inflatable tubs to ones that can seat up to six, ALEKO round hot tubs deliver luxury and relaxation at a competitive price. Enjoy and relax in your own private hot tub all throughout the seasons.

Choose ALEKO for Your Round Hot Tub

Whether you’re looking to boost the value of your rental property or searching for the perfect addition to your home spa, a high-quality round hot tub makes a smart investment. Expertly crafted and at accessible price points, ALEKO round inflatable hot tubs balance form and function so you can fully enjoy the benefits of a nice, warm bath. Get the most out of your hot tub experience with ALEKO.

How To Install Your Round Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub may be just the kind of therapy you need to escape and relax. Bring that experience to your home with ALEKO’s easy-to-install round hot tub. ALEKO hot tubs are equipped with jets for maximum relaxation.

Installing an inflatable hot tub is easy. Simply plug your new round hot tub into power to inflate, screw on the filter cap, and fill it up with water from the hose. All that’s left to do is change into your swimsuit and add in some spa scents or other spa accessories to create the perfect hot tub experience.

FAQ About Round Hot Tubs

Is a round hot tub better than a square one?

  • If you prefer a classic look or a simpler one, consider a round hot tub. Round hot tubs are said to be better for socializing with everyone facing each other and round tubs look great in about any space. A square hot tub is likely the better option if you are going to fit it in a corner of your outdoor space.

How many gallons of water would you need for a round inflatable hot tub?

  • Approximately 210 - 265 gallons of water would fill a round hot tub. It varies on the size and mostly on the number of people it can accommodate. Find your most suitable round hot tub from ALEKO’s wide collections.

How much does it cost to run an inflatable hot tub?

The costs of running a new hot tub will vary depending upon essential elements and features the make and model, water care, and your usage habits. Contact an ALEKO representative for hot tub service and assistance in choosing the perfect round inflatable hot tub for your budget.