Choose ALEKO for Solar Powered Swing Gate Openers

Imagine the convenience of an automated gate that doesn't rely on costly electrical installations. Combine economy with innovation and artistry– all powered by the sun. ALEKO solar swing gate openers are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Shifting to solar gate openers not only offers convenience but also cost savings in the long run. Our solar powered swing gate openers come with robust motors for an exceptional starting torque, and feature a soft start and stop operation. This means a reliable and dependable functionality, as well as an extended lifespan for both the gate and operator. When you choose ALEKO, you're investing in durable, functional gate openers designed to stand the test of time. Get into the future of secure access control with ALEKO’s solar powered swing gate openers.

How To Install Your Solar Swing Gate Opener

The installation process for your solar powered gate opener will differ depending on several factors, including the structure you’re securing, the powering method you choose, and the terrain of your property. In most cases, you will simply mount the gate opener system onto your fence and posts, link it to the motor, connect the gate operator to your chosen power source, and sync it with remotes, keypads, and keycards for optimal security. Our ALEKO representatives will be happy to assist with a wide range of troubleshooting methods you (or your contractor) may require. Our team is here for your convenience to help you learn about everything you need to know about solar powered gate openers.

FAQ About Solar Swing Gate Openers

How cost-efficient is a solar swing gate opener?

  • Even though the cost of investment for solar-powered gate openers is higher compared to traditional models, they prove to be a more cost-effective choice in the long run. This is because it collects sunlight and turns it to electrical energy. A solar-powered opener does not rely on electricity sources and, therefore, reduces your energy bill.

How long does a solar-powered gate last?

  • An average solar gate opener's lifespan can range from five to fifteen years. However, the actual duration still depends on how well it is maintained. Choosing a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer such as ALEKO and following maintenance recommendations can help ensure your gate opener works for many years.

Can I replace my existing automatic gate with solar powered gate openers?

  • If your gate is from ALEKO, then yes. If a different manufacturer made your gate, odds are you can still automate it using ALEKO products. Connect with an ALEKO representative to learn about selecting the best door opener option for your gate. We're here to make sure you're prepared with reliable swing gate operators and other types of access control systems.