Dual Swing Gate Openers

Choose ALEKO for Your Dual Swing Gate Openers

Open the doors to brighter and more secure days ahead. Upgrading the security and accessibility of your driveway entrances can now be effortlessly achieved by installing a dual swing gate opener. An ALEKO swing gate opener is durable, budget-friendly, and made with superior quality, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial use. Whether you're a homeowner looking to upgrade your property or a business owner seeking a more efficient and secure entryway, a dual swing gate opener is the best option. It’s made for the long haul. Upgrade your property's curb appeal with a swing gate opener that boasts smooth operation, easy installation, and robust functionality. When you choose ALEKO, you're not just investing in a gate opener; you're investing in the long-term value and charm of your property.

How To Install Your Dual Swing Gate Opener

The installation process for your swing gate opener will differ depending on several factors, including the structure you’re securing, the powering method you choose, and the terrain of your property. In most cases, you will simply mount the opener onto your fence and posts, link it to the motor, connect the system to your chosen power source, and sync it with remotes, keypads, and keycards. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help—contact an ALEKO representative for assistance.

FAQ About Dual Swing Gate Openers

What should I consider when choosing an automatic dual swing gate opener?

  • When shopping for a swing gate opener, you’ll need to consider the gate size, weight capacity, and other features like power sources and remote controls. ALEKO dual swing gate openers can be installed with low cost and low voltage wiring in remote areas. Utility battery backup is always provided in case of power loss.

How are ALEKO automatic dual swing gate openers powered?

  • You can power your ALEKO swing gate openers in a number of ways—it ultimately depends on what works best for your individual gate. Options include plug-in adaptors, rechargeable batteries, and solar power.

Can I automate my existing gate?

  • If your gate is from ALEKO, the answer to this question is yes! If a different manufacturer made your gate, it’s likely you can still automate it using ALEKO products. Connect with our team today for assistance in selecting the best option for your gate.