Find Freestanding Propane Heaters for Your Patio

Whether you're hosting a gathering at your home or enjoying a relaxing evening by the porch, ALEKO's propane patio heater is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Our freestanding propane heaters will surely keep everyone warm and create a cozy ambiance for your next private gathering.

Choose ALEKO for Your Patio Heater

The long winter doesn't have to mean you're stuck indoors. ALEKO's stainless steel propane patio heater can make all the difference. It provides a powerful and efficient way to heat your patio or porch. The propane heater is built to last even in the harshest outdoor elements. It is corrosion and temperature-resistant, making it the perfect alternative to an expensive fire pit. It's capable of heating up your outdoor space at a cost-effective price. Keep your guests warm with convenience and safety in mind while providing a stylish accent to your outdoor space with ALEKO's portable propane heater.

How To Use Your Patio Heater

Your ALEKO patio heater is designed with convenience and safety in mind. The heater includes a one-touch push button for start-ups, while the control knob makes reaching your desired temperature an easy feat. A safety auto shut-off tilt valve turns the heater off automatically when tipped over 45 degrees in any given direction. Want to learn more? Contact an ALEKO representative for more information.

FAQ About Patio Heaters

What type of heater is best for the outdoors?

  • Propane heaters are great for keeping an outdoor space warm enough to enjoy throughout the whole year. Even when rearranging your patio or porch furniture, you can also move around the propane heaters to make sure everybody stays warm. They can heat the place quickly and efficiently and are also very safe if you wish to extend your time outdoors. ALEKO's stainless steel patio heater is both corrosion and temperature-resistant. It's designed to last and withstand all outdoor elements.

What propane heater provides the most heat?

  • Look for a tall propane heater that cranks out more than 40,000 BTUs of heat. This will be more than enough to keep a few guests warmed up from a distance. ALEKO has an outdoor propane patio heater that provides up to 44,000 BTU output or 20-25 square feet of coverage. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can make sure you’re maintaining comfortable temperatures the entire time.

How safe is a propane heater?

  • Propane is a relatively safe way to heat your outdoor space, provided that you use it properly and with caution. ALEKO’s outdoor propane heater has a safety auto shut-off tilt valve that turns the heater off automatically when tipped over 45 degrees in any given direction. All of our propane heaters are easy to maneuver and transport.