Chicken Coops and Accessories

Looking for a high-quality chicken coop that will keep your feathered friends happy and healthy? You’re in luck. Our mindfully designed chicken coops and runs are the perfect solution for anyone looking to raise backyard chickens.

Choose ALEKO for Your Chicken Coops and Runs

ALEKO’s chicken coops with runs are designed to naturally repel pests, fungus, and rot. They’re designed with your animals' needs in mind, offering plenty of space to move around and nesting boxes for laying eggs. They’re built for easy access but with sturdy locks to keep away predators.  Plus, cleaning and maintenance are a snap. But ALEKO’s chicken runs for sale aren't just for chickens! They're also perfect for other small animals, from rabbits to guinea pigs and more. So if you're looking for a high-quality, affordable hutch that will stand the test of time, an ALEKO chicken coop is the answer.

How to Install a Chicken Coop

All ALEKO chicken coop kits come with everything you need to construct the wood or steel enclosure, including assembly instructions to assist you through the simple process. Whether you’re working with a contractor or doing it yourself, ALEKO chicken coops and runs are designed and packaged for an easy, intuitive installation process. Connect with an ALEKO representative today to learn more.

Chicken Coop FAQs 

Is it cheaper to make or buy a chicken coop?

  • Constructing a chicken coop yourself can be a cost-effective option, but it requires expertise, tools, and a considerable amount of time. If you lack any of these resources, purchasing an easy-to-assemble chicken house is the practical choice. Fortunately, ALEKO has a range of budget-friendly walk-in chicken coops for sale that can save you both time and money.

What type of chicken coop is best?

  • Go for solid-sided chicken coops as they effectively prevent predators from reaching inside. Be wary of small openings that may allow weasels or rats to infiltrate. ALEKO chicken runs boast a sturdy metal roof that guarantees the enclosure's longevity. Additionally, heavy-duty chicken wire encloses the sides, door, and roof, preventing chickens from escaping while keeping unwanted visitors out.

What is the ideal chicken coop layout?

  • To keep your chickens healthy and content, it's recommended to provide at least 4 square feet of space per bird within the coop enclosure. A roomy enclosure can prevent behavioral problems, enhance flock health, and ensure the coop stays clean. For the attached run, it's recommended to have at least 10 square feet of run space for every bird. ALEKO's Walk-in Chicken Run offers ample space for your chickens to exercise and breathe fresh air while remaining secure from predator.