Round Wooden Hot Tubs

Choose ALEKO for Your Wooden Hot Tub

A wooden hot tub speaks of luxury and natural elegance. Dip in the warmth of a wood-fired tub, made to create a serene oasis right at your home. With the fusion of durability and aesthetic appeal, ALEKO wooden hot tubs can flawlessly fit into any outdoor space so you can have your own private place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Crafted from premium pine wood and rust-resistant stainless steel, these wood-fired hot tubs let you enjoy both the traditional hot tub experience and the invigorating chill of cold plunge therapy. For cold plunge therapy, simply fill the tub with crisp cold water and add ice, a refreshing twist to the usual hot bath soak. The rustic charm of intricately crafted wood is a perfect add-on to your backyard or your off-grid cabin.

How To Install Your Wooden Hot Tub

It’s now easy to create a luxury experience in your own backyard with our wooden hot tubs, either for a relaxing hot bath or a cold plunge therapy. Clear the outdoor space of debris, rocks, and any sharp objects that could damage the tub. Follow ALEKO’s assembling manual for the wooden hot tub. Alternatively, you can reach out to an ALEKO representative or a qualified contractor to ensure proper and safe installation.

To use as a hot tub, fill the tub with water and the firebox with wood. The water will be heated and ready for you to enjoy in about two hours. Use the wooden paddle to stir your water from time to time to ensure the water temperature stays even throughout the tub.

FAQ About Wooden Hot Tubs

Are wooden hot tubs suitable for year-round use, even in harsh climates?

  • Absolutely! Our wooden hot tubs are manufactured to withstand both chilly winters and scorching summers. The natural insulating properties of wood, coupled with our expert craftsmanship, make it a comfortable soak throughout the seasons.

How do I maintain the wood in my hot tub to keep it looking beautiful over time?

  • Periodic applications of a formulated wood sealant can protect your wooden tub against harsh elements and preserve its aesthetics. When you're not using your hot water tub, make sure to slip on a hot tub cover to prevent any leaves or other objects from landing in it. Thanks to their high-quality construction, an ALEKO hot tub can easily last a decade when properly maintained. The wood-fired hot tub is made with premium pine wood and rust-resistant stainless steel.

Can I use my wooden hot tub for both hot water relaxation and cold plunge therapy?

  • Yes, ALEKO wooden hot tubs are versatile! To use as a hot tub, fill the tub with water and the firebox with wood. If you are using your tub for cold plunge therapy, simply fill the tub with cold water and add ice. Now, you can enjoy the revitalizing cold plunge, and when the mood strikes, switch it up with some warmth when winter nights come.