Save money by Going GREEN with ALEKO®!

Solar Powered Residential Gate Openers by ALEKO® are America’s choice and we are pleased to announce that our full line of ALEKO® swing and slide Gate Openers qualify for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Federal Tax Credit. Save Energy and Save Money by installing a Solar Powered ALEKO® Automatic Gate Opening system today!

Section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code provides a 30% tax credit to individuals for "qualified solar electric property expenditures" made by the taxpayer during taxable years beginning after December 31, 2008. Qualified solar electric property expenditures are expenditures for property which uses solar energy to generate electricity for use in the taxpayer's residence. We cannot provide tax advice and you should consult your tax consultant about any changes in the law, your individual circumstances, and how to claim the credit.

Below is the Certification by ALEKO® Products, that lists the products that are eligible for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit.

What Qualifies?
  • Please see section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code for specific questions or consult your tax professional.
  • The installed cost of solar powered gate operator systems and accessories purchased and installed after December 31, 2008.
  • Must be installed on a residence used by the taxpayer.
  • Residential dwelling must be located in the United States.

What Does Not Qualify?
  • The cost of the gate itself or any work required to repair, restore, or to re-establish the gate into working order.

Make and Model Number(s) of Qualified Property:

ALEKO® Swing Solar Gate Operator System Kits:
AS450, AS600, AS650, AS850, AS900, AS1200, AS1300, AS1700,
AS450U, AS600U, AS650U, AS850U, AS900U, AS1200U, AS1300U, AS1700U,
GG450, GG650, GG850, GG900, GG1300, GG1700,
GG450U, GG650U, GG 850U, GG900U, GG1300U, GG1700U.

ALEKO® Sliding Solar Gate Operator System Kits:
AR900, AR1350, AR2250, AC1350, AC2250.

ALEKO® Solar Kits:
20W Solar Kit, 30W Solar Kit.

ALEKO® Solar Panels:
5W, 10W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 40W, 45W, 60W, 75W, 80W, 85W, 90W, 95W, 100W, 125W, 140W.

ALEKO® Wind Generators:
WGV15, WGV30, WGV45,WGV75, WGV350, WG300, WG400, WG450A, WM450, WG500, WG700, WG900, WG1500, WG3000.