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Welcome to our section of sandpapers. We have a wide variety of shapes and grits. Make any surface smooth with our durable sandpaper sheets. Wood, metal, plastics, paint- you can use it on any surface. The holes will help to collect sanding remnants . You'll be satisfied with you purchase as well as the result of your work.

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ALEKO 14SP09H 5 Pieces Mouse Sandpaper Sheets
ALEKO 14SP04H 5 Pieces Sandpaper Sheets with 8 Holes 3.7 x 9 Inches
ALEKO 15SP02 25 Pieces Fine Grit Sandpaper Sheets 11 x 9 Inches ALEKO 14SP06 10 Pieces Sandpaper Sheets 4.5 x 5.5 Inches Grey ALEKO 14SP04 10 Pieces Sandpaper Sheets 3.7 x 9 Inches Grey